Children And Dog Safety: Tips to Prevent Biting Attacks

Did you know that dog bites are considered one of the biggest health hazards to children under the age of 12?

It is estimated that there is a child bitten by a dog every 40 seconds in the United States. That’s 5 kids every four minutes.

And while many bites do occur by dogs that are unknown to the child – random attacks or careless interactions - most often it is the family dog or a friend’s dog that is responsible for these incidents.

So while there is a lot we can do to...

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Step by Step Socialization For Your New Puppy

I took our new puppy Mystic to my Canine Center for a little social interaction with other dogs. It was also a good, neutral place to re-introduce Mystic to Eloise, my Doberman rescue.

Mystic had a ball meeting other puppies of his own age. His rapidly increasing size is getting quite apparent. He dwarfs a lot of other dogs his same age!

Puppy playtime is a great opportunity for Mystic to play with other dogs and learn about his mouth. Nips and little bites are part of play. Learning to...

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Step by Step Socialization – At Home

Maremmas are an independent breed. They were bred to roam the vast farmlands and open spaces of the Maremmano and Abruzzo regions of Italy, very rarely seeing a stranger who may try to interact.

I don’t live there. I live in the lower Fairfield County region of Connecticut. The largest open spaces are golf courses and public parks. We have neighbors. We have a community nearby.

I have to teach Mystic to socialize with people and other animals.

And socialization starts at home.


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Does Playing Tug Cause Aggression in Dogs?

Does Playing Tug Cause Aggression in Dogs?

You’re out with Duke at the local dog park when you started gathering your things to go. As you pick up Duke’s car blankie, he darts in to grab it away. You pull. He pulls. You pull, he pulls…and then SNAP! He has it and dances around you with his blankie in his mouth.

Fun times.

Until the Beagle’s mom tells you that you shouldn’t play that tug-of-war game with your dog because it encourages aggression.

Is Duke getting...

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Puppy Testing To Predict Temperament and Personality

This is an exciting time for the Canine Master family!

From the annoyance and frustration of the predator invasion that has bedeviled my farm this past year has come the solution in the form of a cute Maremma puppy. A puppy bred for generations to do exactly what I need.

Tests to Predict Puppy Temperament and Personality

Be a protector. A guardian.

When the Maremma breeder offered me the pick of the litter, I could not have been happier. The opportunity to test and choose the puppy that we...

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Enter the Maremma

As many of you know I have a small farm in Connecticut. It’s not a working farm, but more of a hobby farm where I raise migratory waterfowl, chickens, domestic geese, and crowned cranes.

We also recently added a couple of horses as well. So it’s a good size spread with a lot going on. I love animals and this has been a passion project for a long time.

Predators on the Farm

Over the last year – like so many other people - I have unfortunately seen a marked increase of issues...

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From the Mouths of Pups

Ask any dog trainer or professional animal behaviorist and they’ll tell you they have at least one story that still makes their blood boil.

This is one of mine. All names have been changed to protect the “innocent”.

It never fails to astonish me when I am called into a lesson and the owners are considering getting rid of a dog because of a behavior that they (or someone they hired) inevitably caused.

I had a lesson with a woman that had previously been a client with a...

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The Essential Dog Grooming Guide

The Essential Dog Grooming Guide

As a dog owner, you likely take pride in the things you do for the canine in your care.

The walks, the games, the cuddles, and training. You do things yourself because nothing builds a bond with your dog better than doing stuff together.

But you may choose to leave grooming to the professionals.

I can understand that.

The idea of trimming your pet’s fur or clipping nails can be daunting. But it’s actually not as tough to do your own grooming as it...

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The Growing Coyote Problem

The stories started a few months into the year. Coyote sightings were on the rise. We thought it was a local happening but then we heard about sightings and attacks in neighboring states. Here in Connecticut, the stories were from New York and then Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Speaking to clients from other states who relayed the same information and I realized that it was national phenomena.

Experts estimate that every state in the contiguous US has seen an increase of coyote...

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Senior Pet Healthy

It can catch you by surprise. One day, your dog is an overly enthusiastic young puppy and the next, someone tells you he’s a senior. But while some senior products are labeled for dogs aged seven and up, the actual age varies. A larger dog may hit “senior” status as young as five, while smaller dogs can sometimes go all the way to age 10 or 11 before officially becoming seniors.

Whether your vet would classify your pet as a senior or not, it can never hurt to shift to...

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