Want to Get Your Dog to COME When Called? Easy…Just Be a Slot Machine

If I had to say the number one thing people ask me most on the dog training circuit, it has got to be hands down how to get their dog to come when called.

Why is this so difficult?

It becomes a challenge because we inadvertently do many things that teach our dog that coming to us is not a good idea. Let me ask you, why do you want your dog to come to you? Is it because you want them to stop running and chasing in the street (yes there are cars and dangers everywhere but all they feel is...

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Walking Your Dog: On-Leash Etiquette

As dog owners, it's important to have proper etiquette while walking your dog on a leash. Many owners feel their dog's improper behavior while on a leash is cute and acceptable but the truth is, it can be very annoying and inconsiderate to other dogs and people.

Last week I was walking a dog-aggressive dog on the leash that had come to the canine center for some training. The dog becomes aggressive when other dogs try to sniff or come near him (basically the dog is scared). In the midst of...

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Release the Hounds (The Importance of a Release When Giving Your Dog a Command)

I love showing dogs in competition, it is so much fun! Not only for me but for the dog as well. I am always asked by other handlers how I get my dogs to be so steady and still, and so eager to work for me. So now I will tell you my secret, and one of the most important parts ofj obedience training your dog, you ready??? It’s all about the release.

Whenever I meet a client who tells me their dog is generally well behaved and knows the commands SIT and DOWN, my next question always is...

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