Nature's Toothbrush - The Secret Your Veterinarian May Not Want You to Know

Every year, thousands of cats and dogs undergo a dangerous and expensive procedure. A procedure that not only results in unnecessary death but is in some cases completely superfluous.

What is this risky practice?

It’s going under anesthesia in order to get their teeth cleaned.

Is Anesthesia for Dog Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

Each year approximately one in 1,000 otherwise healthy cats and one in 2,000 otherwise healthy dogs die under anesthesia. That is a low number. A relatively safe...

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Using Hand Signals to Communicate with Your Dog

If you’ve read through my dog training tips, you may have noticed that they focus heavily on verbal commands. But you can also communicate with your dog through body language in ways you don’t even realize.

Using Hand Signals to Communicate with Your Dog

When you accompany your commands with hand signals, you can get even better results. If your dog is hearing impaired or loses hearing in old age, these signals are essential for communication. They can also be used when a normal...

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Mastering The Crate for Your Dog

Is putting my dog in a crate like putting my dog in jail?

That must be one of the most commonly asked questions when training begins.

Many people see a crate as a mean and unjust way to manage their dogs (just ask PETA). In Europe, most people do not use crates (except during transport) for their dogs and don’t find it necessary in the home.

So is it cruel to use a crate? Are you being mean to leave your dog in one?

I think it depends. A crate is a tool and like all tools can be...

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Mastering Pandemic Panic

By now, the way we live and interact will have dramatically changed. Nearly everything about our day-to-day lives has been altered in some way. Hopefully, soon things will return to normal. But for now, we are in unchartered territory.

It can scary.

But it’s important not to trade one danger for another. A stressful diet of 24-hour news and live virus-tracking maps can take nearly as much a toll on our well-being and health as a virus.

Mastering Pandemic Panic

But, Chris, how about my...

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Getting Started With Basic Dog Training Commands

Training a dog takes time and patience, but it pays off with years of good behavior. There are a few basic commands that every dog needs to learn right away, but many use similar training techniques. Before you get started training, invest in some small, tasty treats that you can use as a reward and gather your patience.

Getting Started With Basic Dog Training Commands

I fully believe in the value of positive reinforcement. You’ll get much better results by praising your dog for...

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Discover Your Dog's Temperament

Just like humans, dogs have personalities. Yes, a dog’s temperament is somewhat determined from birth, but there are some things you can do to shape your furry family member’s personality. The key is to first fully understand what your dog’s natural temperament is so that you can work with it rather than against it. Here are a few tips that can help.

Discover Your Dog's Temperament

Know the Breed

The first step in discovering your dog’s temperament is to research the...

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Communicating with Your New Puppy

Could there be anything better than a new puppy? Especially if that puppy is your very own.

But if you haven’t enjoyed the company of a puppy lately, you may have forgotten just how challenging they can be. It’s probably time for some training. Which means you’ll need a hefty dose of patience.

Communicating with Your New Puppy

The first step in training your puppy is knowing how to communicate. As much as we like to think of our furry family members as almost human, we know...

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How to Get Your Dog to Come When Called

When you call your dog over, what happens? If you’re like many pet owners, you can’t guarantee your dog will come running. But this unpredictably can actually be dangerous, especially if your dog runs into traffic or gets too far out of your line of sight. But even without that danger, having a dog that comes when called is a huge convenience.

Training a dog to come when called isn’t easy. But with a little patience and a few little tricks, you can teach your dog to come on...

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Are You Ready for a New Dog?

"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

That quote by Dr. Ian Malcolm from the movie Jurassic Park applies to so many situations. Deciding if you are ready to join the league of animal caretakers is absolutely one.

It's not enough to think you are ready; this is a life-changing decision, one must know it. Picking the right dog for you should take almost much thought as finding the right life partner.

Are You Ready for a...

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4 Easy Dog Training Tips You Can Master Quickly

Training a new pet isn’t easy, but once you learn a few simple tricks it can be a little less daunting.

I often work with dog owners who are struggling with one or more behaviors that are becoming a problem at home.

To these owners, usually the answer is a simple fix. It takes plenty of patience and persistence, but the rewards are well worth it. Here are a few easy training techniques that will get great results.

4 Easy Dog Training Tips

Establish Yourself as Leader

One of the most...

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