Traveling with Dogs: Tips For Bringing Your Pup Along

As a pet owner, when it’s time to travel, you have an important choice. You can board your dog or pay someone to pet-sit in your home, both of which cost money and have you missing your favorite family member. But another, growing trend, has emerged over the past decade. An ever-increasing percentage of pet owners now choose to take Fido on the road with them.

If you’ve already joined these pet-toting travelers, you probably already know that taking a dog on the road has a few...

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3 Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Running Away

Few things can be as scary or emotionally unsettling as a missing dog. Not only does it put your pet at risk of harm, but you’ll likely fear that you won’t be able to find him again. If your dog gets out repeatedly, you may find neighbors start to complain and local animal control could even get involved.

But keeping a dog on your property can be a challenge, especially if you have a new puppy. Young puppies should never be outside without your close supervision. For older puppies...

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Mastering the Holidays – A Canine Master

Thanksgiving is here and with it the official start of the holiday season. From the last Thursday in November until well into next year, it’s a time of gatherings and celebrations.

And family.

Family is what makes the holidays great. And to most of us, our dogs are family. It’s essential that Rudolph the Schnauzer have a great time too if we are to call these festivities a success.

So, before the first guests arrive, it’s a good time to review the rules. Just like we know we...

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Monstering Halloween…or Mastering Howl-a-ween

Halloween is a holiday for thrills and chills. But it’s important we don’t forget that the best way to enjoy a holiday is by making sure we enjoy it safely.

It’s fun to include the family pet in family activities, so it’s natural to think that we should include our dogs in the festivities. I once saw a family dressed as the dogs from Paw Patrol with their dog dressed as Ryder. It was very creative.

But the best holidays are safe holidays. Especially for dogs.


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