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I contacted Chris after hearing about him from a family member. I had just rescued my dog Charlie who had some serious behavioral issues. Chris came out and spent so much time with me explaining not only how we were going to fix the problems, but also why they were happening. Charlie has come so far thanks to Chris. I am very grateful to have found both of them!"

Vicky H.
New York

I trained my Golden Retriever Milo with Chris and he has turned out to be the best behaved dog I have ever owned! Chris taught us the importance of early socialization and set us up with reliable commands that are easy to maintain. Chris has a gift for not only training dogs, but training their humans :) Milo and I both look forward to our lessons with him."

East Hampton, NY

I met Chris at a Dog Show where he was competing. I couldn't believe the focus and attention with which his dog worked for him. I approached him to inquire about his techniques, and he was so friendly and informative. Since then I have been working with him to train my German Shepherd using his positive motivational and instinctual methods. The results have been AMAZING!"

Todd R.
New Jersey

Chris has helped me with 3 of my dogs over the years. We have Portuguese Water Dogs and even though we know the breed very well, we struggled with some challenging behaviors we just could not fix. After Chris helped us with our first dog, I have him on Speed Dial! He is so gentle and patient and really understands how to get the relationship right with your dog."

Joan S.
Greenwich, CT

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Hi – My name is Chris Onthank, also known as the Canine Master. I am a lifelong professional dog trainer who has worked with clients and their dogs for the past 35 years.  

I help owners “master the relationship” with their dogs. Dogs taught using my positive motivational and instinctual methods are happier, healthier, and calmer. It's all about the relationship in building reliability and consistency to live the best life with your animals.  

I have found that talking like the animal is more effective than talking to it. Dogs already understand an instinctual language so we need to communicate in a way they understand to teach them the behaviors we want.  

Some of my best-known training techniques include using body language and posture in ways that get them to respond immediately. I always get such a kick when my clients look at me in amazement over how quickly we address problem behaviors and replace them with desirable ones. I teach pet parents to use the tone of their voice to mimic the naturally occurring instinctive sounds dogs use to communicate with one another. It is within this language that dogs are most receptive to learning, making it easier to train them to be the very best companions. From simple jumping to serious aggression, the groundwork is the same. There is a mutual respect and love that clients and their pets develop which may just be the secret sauce to being a true master.

Let me help you MASTER the Relationship with Your Dog!

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