What To Do When Your Dog Finds a Skunk

Now that the weather is getting nicer and we're spending more time outside, the possibility of our dogs having a run-in with a skunk has raised to 'its definitely going to happen' percent. Dogs are naturally curious animals, and skunks live just about anywhere -- in the country, and the city -- and at least one dog in your life will get sprayed. Consider it a right of passage (for you...not them).

So what should you do if (or when) it happens? 

Whatever you do, don't spray your...

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Lyme Disease Prevention Tips for Your Dog

Your dog probably spends more time outdoors than you do. When he goes outside, he’s also walking around in the grass, and his body is closer to the ground than yours is.

That means your dog is likely more at risk than you are to have ticks attach themselves. If ticks are in your yard, they hang out on tall grass and shrubs, becoming dislodged as your dog brushes against them. Some ticks carry something called Lyme Disease, a bacterial illness that causes issues in organs and joints....

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Nature's Toothbrush - The Secret Your Veterinarian May Not Want You to Know

Every year, thousands of cats and dogs undergo a dangerous and expensive procedure. A procedure that not only results in unnecessary death but is in some cases completely superfluous.

What is this risky practice?

It’s going under anesthesia in order to get their teeth cleaned.

Is Anesthesia for Dog Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

Each year approximately one in 1,000 otherwise healthy cats and one in 2,000 otherwise healthy dogs die under anesthesia. That is a low number. A relatively safe...

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