The Lurking Household Dangers Dogs Owners Need To Be Beware Of Blog
April 2020

As much as pet owners try to create a safe environment for our beloved dogs, there’s bound to be blindspot that could pose as a threat to these animals. These lurking dangers that are hidden in plain sight could only be identified by a seasoned dog owner or expert. We spoke to renowned Canine Master Chris Onthank to suss out what are some of the common household items pet owners have and how we are able to avoid or rectify them.

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"Is Social Distancing Affecting Your Dog's Behavior?"
with Pix11 News by By: Dan Mannarino , Tracy Chevrier
April 2020

NEW YORK — While many of us are stuck at home due to COVID-19, so are our animals. Can our furry pets be emotionally impacted as well?

Chris Onthank is a renowned dog trainer, animal behaviorist and founder of Dog Gone Smart.

Onthank discusses signs your dog is depressed and why city dogs are dealing with this differently compared to suburban dogs.

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"The Master Behind the Menagerie - Dr. Doolittle Knows His Birds from the Bees and the Dogs."
by Jaimee Kelsey
Spring 2016

If one could talk to animals and learn theirlanguages, think of all the delightful conversations! Chris Onthank does just that. This modern day Dr. Doolittle has found away to communicate with so many species with an ease and trust that is rarely seen when humans infiltrate the animal kingdom. From Dobermans to ducklings, Chris knows the secret handshake to get in to this club of creatures, where he is greeted upon entry as a trusted confidante and caretaker.

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"Chatting with Chris Onthank Animal Behaviorist and Canine Expert"
by Brian Fischler
Fall 2015

How does one become a professional dog trainer? Growing up above a kennel house with Dachshund and Blood Hounds sure helps. With a long family history of breeding, judging and showing dogs, it seems Chris Onthank was born to train.

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Pet Life Radio

Canine Master Chris Onthank Launches New Pet Life Radio Show

Press Release Pet Life Radio July 2015

Beginning the week of July 15, 2015, Onthank will have a regular Pet Life Radio show that will give him a platform from which to share his love of dogs with listeners. The radio show is all about dogs. “My mission is to inform, educate, entertain and encourage all dog owners to live their best lives together”. Topics will include training, health, innovative pet products and general information on how to keep dogs happy, healthy and safe.

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