Is Doggie Daycare Right For My Dog?

I get this question from everybody when they find out I train dogs at a canine center:

"Is doggie daycare right for my dog?"

As the owner of Dog Gone Smart, one of the first doggie daycare centers in the USA, you might imagine I would tell everybody that sending your dog to doggie daycare is the perfect place for all dogs.

Well, this may shock you; I do not think Doggie Daycare and free play boarding facilities are the “right” choice for all dogs.

Many dogs love the...

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Traveling with Dogs: Tips For Bringing Your Pup Along

As a pet owner, when it’s time to travel, you have an important choice. You can board your dog or pay someone to pet-sit in your home, both of which cost money and have you missing your favorite family member. But another, growing trend, has emerged over the past decade. An ever-increasing percentage of pet owners now choose to take Fido on the road with them.

If you’ve already joined these pet-toting travelers, you probably already know that taking a dog on the road has a few...

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Mastering The Crate for Your Dog

Is putting my dog in a crate like putting my dog in jail?

That must be one of the most commonly asked questions when training begins.

Many people see a crate as a mean and unjust way to manage their dogs (just ask PETA). In Europe, most people do not use crates (except during transport) for their dogs and don’t find it necessary in the home.

So is it cruel to use a crate? Are you being mean to leave your dog in one?

I think it depends. A crate is a tool and like all tools can be...

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Simon Says, Enjoy The Car Ride

I was running errands the other day and in the parking lot of a shopping center I saw a familiar scene. A young family - having finished at the dog groomer - struggling to get their 80-pound Weimaraner into the car.

The dog wasn't acting untrained or belligerent. She wasn't having fun or jumping around in a playful manner.

The dog was afraid.

And I flash-backed almost 20 years. It reminded me of one of my earliest clients, Simon.

I first met Simon at one of my first training classes. His...

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