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Free Puppy Training Tips

Is this a toy?
Many people will give their puppy an old shoe to chew on as a toy. This is a big mistake as you are teaching your dog to chew shoes in general. Before you know it, all shoes in the house fall to your dog. It’s a much better idea to let your dog know from the start that shoes are off limits for him!
Socialize, socialize, socialize!

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Learn why your dog barks and how to correct your dog in a "paw"sitive way to strengthen your relationship with your dog.


My best tips and product recommendations to keep your dog healthy and looking his best!

Free Dog Training Tips

Down, Boy!
Does your dog greet people by jumping up on them? Use these training tips to get your dog to stop jumping on guests. 

Using Signals to Train Your Dog


Chris teaches Vera how to identify the smoke alarm going off and alert her deaf owner to the danger.


Want to train your dog to come when you call him? Click on the photo for my simple training tips to get your pup to listen to your voice every time.

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Have a question about your new puppy or rescue dog? Or are you struggling to train your puppy in a "pawsitive" way? Reach out with your questions and I will be happy to help!

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