Mastering Pandemic Panic

By now, the way we live and interact will have dramatically changed. Nearly everything about our day-to-day lives has been altered in some way. Hopefully, soon things will return to normal. But for now, we are in unchartered territory.

It can scary.

But it’s important not to trade one danger for another. A stressful diet of 24-hour news and live virus-tracking maps can take nearly as much a toll on our well-being and health as a virus.

Mastering Pandemic Panic

But, Chris, how about my...

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Mastering Dog Urine Marking Behavior

First and most important, dog urine marking is not a housebreaking issue. Though urine is involved, cause and correction are very different, so let’s not confuse the two.

Urine marking can occur in both male and female dogs of any age. However, it most commonly starts in adolescent male dogs and continues into adulthood. It can be a huge issue that is upsetting to the entire family, usually because of behavior or sanitary concerns.

It can be so severe an issue that many people give...

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Mastering the Holidays – A Canine Master

Thanksgiving is here and with it the official start of the holiday season. From the last Thursday in November until well into next year, it’s a time of gatherings and celebrations.

And family.

Family is what makes the holidays great. And to most of us, our dogs are family. It’s essential that Rudolph the Schnauzer have a great time too if we are to call these festivities a success.

So, before the first guests arrive, it’s a good time to review the rules. Just like we know we...

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Mastering Separation Anxiety: Treating the Cause and Not the Symptoms

A friend recently reached out to me because her parents’ 7-year-old Standard Poodle was showing signs of separation anxiety.

Her parents had relocated to Florida and now the dog continuously barks when her parents leave the apartment and the neighbors are complaining. To make matters worse, the dog is also showing other symptoms and has stopped eating.

Many times a dog will start showing signs of anxiety (panting, salivating, pacing, barking and whining) as soon as the owners start to...

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Monstering Halloween…or Mastering Howl-a-ween

Halloween is a holiday for thrills and chills. But it’s important we don’t forget that the best way to enjoy a holiday is by making sure we enjoy it safely.

It’s fun to include the family pet in family activities, so it’s natural to think that we should include our dogs in the festivities. I once saw a family dressed as the dogs from Paw Patrol with their dog dressed as Ryder. It was very creative.

But the best holidays are safe holidays. Especially for dogs.


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Simon Says, Enjoy The Car Ride

I was running errands the other day and in the parking lot of a shopping center I saw a familiar scene. A young family - having finished at the dog groomer - struggling to get their 80-pound Weimaraner into the car.

The dog wasn't acting untrained or belligerent. She wasn't having fun or jumping around in a playful manner.

The dog was afraid.

And I flash-backed almost 20 years. It reminded me of one of my earliest clients, Simon.

I first met Simon at one of my first training classes. His...

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Why Teach a Dog the Doggie Paddle?

The “Dog Days of Summer” are here. And as the temperatures creep higher and higher, nothing spells relief for man and beast like a dip in the nearest body of water.

Unless you can’t swim. Then it’s just a danger to be avoided.

And the same applies to your pooch. Swimming is great exercise for your dog. Many experts believe that just 5 minutes of continuous swimming is equivalent to a 5-mile run in a lower impact activity. Swimming is great for high-energy, active dogs...

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