Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

It's time to begin indulging in Pumpkin Spice and decorate for fall!

Did you know that pureed pumpkin offers loads of benefits to your dog's health? They can easily get in on the fall fun with some fun treats! But first, let me explain why pumpkin is so good for your four-legged friend. 

First of all, this winter squash is a nutrient-rich food that is low in calories but absolutely packed with essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to its high levels of vitamin A, pumpkin...

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Children And Dog Safety: Tips to Prevent Biting Attacks

Did you know that dog bites are considered one of the biggest health hazards to children under the age of 12?

It is estimated that there is a child bitten by a dog every 40 seconds in the United States. That’s 5 kids every four minutes.

And while many bites do occur by dogs that are unknown to the child – random attacks or careless interactions - most often it is the family dog or a friend’s dog that is responsible for these incidents.

So while there is a lot we can do to...

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The Essential Dog Grooming Guide

The Essential Dog Grooming Guide

As a dog owner, you likely take pride in the things you do for the canine in your care.

The walks, the games, the cuddles, and training. You do things yourself because nothing builds a bond with your dog better than doing stuff together.

But you may choose to leave grooming to the professionals.

I can understand that.

The idea of trimming your pet’s fur or clipping nails can be daunting. But it’s actually not as tough to do your own grooming as it...

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The Growing Coyote Problem

The stories started a few months into the year. Coyote sightings were on the rise. We thought it was a local happening but then we heard about sightings and attacks in neighboring states. Here in Connecticut, the stories were from New York and then Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Speaking to clients from other states who relayed the same information and I realized that it was national phenomena.

Experts estimate that every state in the contiguous US has seen an increase of coyote...

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Senior Pet Healthy

It can catch you by surprise. One day, your dog is an overly enthusiastic young puppy and the next, someone tells you he’s a senior. But while some senior products are labeled for dogs aged seven and up, the actual age varies. A larger dog may hit “senior” status as young as five, while smaller dogs can sometimes go all the way to age 10 or 11 before officially becoming seniors.

Whether your vet would classify your pet as a senior or not, it can never hurt to shift to...

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One Dog, Two Dog…Three!

Dogs are great. There is almost nothing like the love and loyalty and joy that comes with canine companionship. What is better than a dog?

How about two dogs? Or three dogs?

What about more dogs?

At some point every pet parent begins to ask themselves that most important of questions…Should I get another dog?

That is quite a question. And don’t believe for one second that there is only one right answer. Like many questions when it comes to pet parenting, it all depends. On you....

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Hiring a Dog Walker You Can Trust

Dogs need exercise.

That’s a simple fact of canine life.

The amount varies from one breed to another with some breeds needing a ton more than others. But no matter the breed, a daily walk is good for both you and your pet.

A recent study found that dog owners added an average of 3 miles and 22 minutes to their daily walk average. The health benefits are quite real.

But lacing up your shoes, putting a leash on your dog, and pounding the pavement consistently can be tough, especially if...

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The Canine Master Complete Guide to Pet Proofing Your Home

Few things can be as exciting as bringing a new pet into your home.

But the experience can also lead to worry, especially if you are dealing with a dog that hasn’t been trained. Whether you’re adopting a puppy or a dog with a few years under his collar, there will be an adjustment period. Dogs can be curious. And that can lead to mischief. And that can uncover hazards and potential dangers throughout your home.

As a responsible pet owner, you want to prepare and create a safe...

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Is Doggie Daycare Right For My Dog?

I get this question from everybody when they find out I train dogs at a canine center:

"Is doggie daycare right for my dog?"

As the owner of Dog Gone Smart, one of the first doggie daycare centers in the USA, you might imagine I would tell everybody that sending your dog to doggie daycare is the perfect place for all dogs.

Well, this may shock you; I do not think Doggie Daycare and free play boarding facilities are the “right” choice for all dogs.

Many dogs love the...

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Cute and Pudgy? Or Dangerously Overweight

It can be tough not to shower your dog in treats and extra food. They give you so much love and affection, and nothing gets that tail wagging like something yummy. But more than half of all dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese, and if your dog is among that statistic, there’s a reason your vet may suggest you cut back a little.

We have some tips for getting the weight off, as well as details on the health risks those extra pounds bring.

Is Your Pet Overweight?

The first thing you...

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