Helping the Fearful Puppy

Is your dog scared of people, dogs, sounds or just life in general? Would you like to help your dog cope with his anxieties, relax and build his confidence? This episode will equip you with new skills and ideas to help your dog blossom while strengthening the bond and trust between both of you. 


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In this episode we talk about how to help and change the behavior of a fearful puppy. Having a dog that is fearful can be very stressful and emotional for everyone. It is a problem I often see but there are things you can do to help your dog be less afraid and more comfortable in their environment. We can teach them to be trusting and comfortable with the stimuli and interactions of everyday life. They can be dogs who can go anywhere with ease and not suffer from the lifelong stress that fear can cause.

Helping the Fearful Puppy

  • What caused your dog to be scared? 
  • The fear imprint time for a puppy is between 5 and 16 weeks. During this very important stage of psychological development, an injury or frightening experience can result in a life-long phobia.
  • What are the triggers that set off your dog?
  • Desensitizing your dog to the situation is the first step.
  • What is counter conditioning and how and when can it be used to help your dog to overcome his fears?
  • A fearful dog that is not fixed can often become aggressive and reactive as it matures. These dogs do not live happy and healthy lives.

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