I'm Gismo - Starter Kit

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Product Description

The I'm Gismo Starter Kit provides an all-in-one ergonomic design that holds any leash and allows you to walk your dog with ease and comfort. The Starter Kit can be customized by adding additional connectables to it which are sold separately and include: a dual leash holder to enable you to walk 2 dogs tangle free, a flashlight to allow you to walk safely at night and a training kit with a treat dispenser and a clicker. 


The Starter Kit includes a leash grip with sliding bar, extendable carabiner to walk 1 dog, 2 universal caps, 1 waste bag dispenser with full carry clip and 1 waste bag roll.

  • Supreme Comfort: Soft silicone grip comfortably fits hands of all sizes. Super lightweight and easy to carry, the grip eliminates hand soreness and chafing commonly seen when holding leashes.
  • Leash Carabiner: Specifically designed carabiner can hold any dog weighing up to 85 lbs. A 5 ft or shorter leash is recommended.
  • Freedom: Sliding and pivoting carabiner absorbs your dog’s abrupt movements offering an amazing sense of freedom. Pulling and tugging become more manageable with the patented rail sliding system.
  • Poop Bag Dispenser:  Easily holds one standard poop bag roll. Tearing a poop bag is easy with the exceptional pull and tear design.
  • Poop Bag Carry Clip: Helps you carry a used poop bag - just hinge the poop bag under the clip so you don’t have to carry the mess.

Change the function of the Starter Kit by adding one of the available connectables to it (Sold Separately):

Instructional Videos for Starter Kit and Connectables Here