Thinking of Getting  a Dog for the Holidays? What You Need to Know Before Adding 4 Paws to Your Family. 

This time of year is a festive happy one, and always a popular time for people to consider getting a pet for their family. While the addition of a family dog can be a most wonderful experience, it cannot be done without proper thought,  consideration and planning.   

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This show will discuss everything you need to know before deciding whether or not it's the right time to bring a pet into your family, and what kind of dog is best for you, for the holidays or for any time of year. 

Dogs Are for Life - Not Just the Holidays!

Are you ready to add a dog to your family? If so, how to determine which kind is best for your family and how to prepare.

  • Picking the right dog for you should take as much thought as finding the right life partner.
  • Owning a pet is a responsibility worthy of its rewards, but the cost and time necessary must be evaluated before making that decision. You need to be invested for life and ready to teach your dog the rules that will set them up for success in your home.
  • Are you prepared for the expense and time commitment a dog requires? Puppies do not come pre programmed and require lots of patience and training to teach them how to become good members of our families.
  • What breed of dog is best for my family, ie large or small, high or low energy, short or long hair, etc.?
  • Where should I go to get a puppy, ie shelter, breeder or pet store? What temperament is best for my family and how do I determine this?
  • Remember that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment with a variety of responsibilities. If you cannot meet those responsibilities, neither you or your dog will be happy.

If right for you, owning a dog is a wonderful thing and can enrich the life of your family. It’s truly the happiness your pet brings that makes everything worth it!


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