Mastering Dog Urine
Marking Behavior

Join Chris and his guest Jaimee Kelsey as they discuss a destructive and misunderstood canine behavior that has left its mark on households around the world since the first dogs
became domesticated.

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Listen as Chris and Jaimee talk about the instinctual why - and most importantly - the how to control this troublesome and off - putting behavior.

Chris goes in-depth on the Canine Master methodology that he developed and offers personal insight into its background and how it can help. Tune in for a master class on marking behavior that will change the relationship you have with your dog.

Jaimee Kelsey is the Director of Training at Dog Gone Smart, Chris’ canine center in Norwalk, CT. She has been part of the Dog Gone Smart Family for over 20 years. A resident of Westport, she started as a client who needed help with her rescue dog, and pretty much never left.  She went through Chris’ canine behavior and training internship program in 2000 and has been helping pets and their owners ever since. Jaimee’s love of animals is contagious. She is a mother of 2 boys and knows what it takes to keep a household running smoothly for both humans and canines! She specializes in working with families to teach how all can live together harmoniously through playful and positive techniques. Having a pet should be a joyful bonding experience for the entire family! 

In this episode Chris and Jaimee discuss why dogs like to mark their territory and what you can do to prevent it.

Topics include:

  • Many dogs who mark inside the house are either euthanized or surrendered to shelters because the owners do not know how to fix the problem
  • Marking is not a housebreaking issue but rather an emotion that dogs feel
  • In order to correct it, you must change the relationship you have with your dog and take back your territory by doing simple exercises with your dog
  • By being consistent in your training, this problem can be fixed

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>>Urine Off


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