Sheep Dogs in Ireland 

While on vacation in Ireland with his family, Chris is joined by landowner John Davoren of County Clare in the southwest of Ireland.  Since the age of 16, John has been training dogs to work with both sheep and cattle on his farm. 

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Sheep Dogs in Ireland

The sheepdog is an integral part of farming culture and is of utmost value when trying to move or direct sheep and cattle across the vast rocky landscape. The use of a small number of well-understood directions enables the sheepdog to complete tasks in half the time it would take several people. This, along with the qualities of loyalty and hard work, make the sheepdog the very best pet a farming family could want. Tune in to this episode to better understand how and why these dogs are chosen, how they are trained and how John is trying to educate the public on the valuable work these dogs do.  If you're ever in Ireland, I highly recommend that you visit John on his farm and watch a herding demonstration. See link below.


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Visit Caherconnell Fort in Ireland and watch one of their demonstrations!

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