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This podcast is all about how to solve those common problems we face when spending time outdoors with our dogs. Does your dog Dig? Eat sticks and leaves and everything else on the ground? Bad manners around the pool? Want to teach your dog how to go potty in one area of the yard? We will solve all of these and more so you can enjoy the summer with a well-behaved dog! 

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After a long cold winter, many of our dogs need to brush up on their outdoor manners. This show talks about many of the unwanted behaviors that our dogs may be likely to exhibit in the warmer months and how we can fix them!

What Are Some of These Unwanted Behaviors?

  • Digging - what are the causes and what are some of the deterrents you can use?
  • Eating things off the ground (sticks, leaves, rocks) - Pick your battles by learning what is ok to chew and how to remove items of danger.
  • Pool Manners - How you can teach you dog to be well-behaved and safe around the pool.
  • Go potty in one spot in the yard - no one likes a yard full of poop! Teach your dog to eliminate in a designated area that you choose.


Have Questions for Chris?

Take advantage of "Ask the Canine Master" where you can submit questions, videos and/or photos to Chris. He will do his very best to answer them for you. Become part of the show! Select questions will be answered during one of the upcoming broadcasts.


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