Interview with Dr. Roger Mugford of the Company of Animals

World-renowned animal psychologist, trainer, behaviorist and product developer Roger Mugford joins Chris to discuss their common dedication to making the lives of pets better through positive reinforcement and the strenghtening of the human-animal bond. 

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Dr. Roger Mugford (recent recipient of the prestigious WPA Lifetime Achievement Award)

As Britain's leading animal psychologist and a pioneer in behavioral therapy, Dr. Mugford's career has lead him to train the Queen's corgis and speak on behalf of animal welfare in courts across the world. "Everything Roger does puts the welfare of the animal first. His life is dedicated to making pets lives better through positive reinforcement and strenghtening the human-animal bond. This is directly reflected in his taining and his products," comments Michael Lasky, former WPA chairman and current board member.

Dr. Mugford is a prolific author, educator and animal welfare advocate. In 1979 he founded the Animal Behaviour Centre in Surrrey, UK, a referral service for veterinary surgeouns and their clients with problem pets. More than 80,000 pets have benefited from the Centre's services to date. That same year, he founded The Company of Animals brand where he invented and developed a range of products that have revolutionized the way people train thier pets. The HALTI head collar and Pet Corrector auditory training tool are among the exemplary products frequently copied by competitors but unmatched in quality or effectiveness.

Dr. Mugford is also a Dogs For The Disabled patron, Cancer & Bio-detection Dogs trustee and 2005's Blue Cross Welfare Award recipient. Proud to maintain a link with his Devonshire farming heritage, he resides in Roxbury Farm where he personally cares for a herd of 870 purebred South Devon cattle, 100 sheep, horses, llamas and more.

"Roger continues to make significant contributions to the betterment of pets all over the world and we cannot think of a more deserving individual to receive the WPA Lifetime Achievement Award, continues Lasky. His interests in the pet industry are for the pets themselves. He's a trainer and behaviorist first, and a product developer out of necessity; as such, his products are regarded as the most humane and effective available."

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