Training Advice For Your Adopted Dog

Rescuing dogs has become a mission for many pet lovers. It is so important to train these dogs right to best set them up for success in our families and communities. Giving them structure and guidance is necessary to get the desired behaviors and lifelong reliable results.

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Rescuing dogs has become more than a personal mission - it has become a movement. This show will talk about how to bring your newly adopted dog into your home successfully. The best way is to not only make them feel loved but also safe.  

Why Do We Go to a Shelter? What is the Mindset?

  • I want to save a dog.
  • I need to take a dog that may not be adopted by anyone else.

  • I need to save this pathetic looking dog.
  • I need to love this abused puppy.
  • All rescues have issues.
  • I need to treat this dog differently - he's had a rough start and I don't want to be mean to him.

The Reality:

  • Most rescues are well behaved and easier to train because they are generally older and grateful to be in a stable environment.
  • What people perceive as issues is very often fear or lack of socialization which can easily be addressed with the right relationship.
  • Like all dogs, these dogs need STRUCTURE to be successful in the family and bond with the pack.
  • Many people perceive a dog has been abused when it's just exhibiting scared or fearful behavior.  How can you tell?

Becoming the clear leader to your newly rescued dog from the start allows them to relax and spares them the anxiety they feel if put in the decision-making process. From the relationship come the results!


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