Dogs and Their Relationship to Wolves... Do Wolf Hybrids Make Good Pets? 

In this show we explore dogs and their relationship to wolves. The origins of dogs have long known to descend from their wolf ancestors, but how are they alike? How are they different? We are also going to explore the controversy of owning wolf hybrids. Do they actually make good pets?

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Nancy Brown from the Full Moon Farm in North Carolina joins chris to discuss wolf dogs.

The Similarities and Differences Between Dogs and Their Wild Ancestors

  • Dogs are part of the canid family which include wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes, wild african dogs and dingoes. 
  • They have many physical characteristics in common and use a predatory sequence when hunting.
  • Dogs are genetically 99% wolf but due to human influence, they are very different. They have been bred by humans in a controlled way to display certain characteristics and to perform different functions.

  • Canids prefer to be in packs which create order.

Do Wolf Dogs Make Good Pets?

  • Wolf dogs are not the ideal pets for inexperienced owners as they present significant behavioral challenges. Because of this, they are often surrendered to shelters and sanctuaries.
  • If you choose to own one, it's important to do your research and find the right breeder.
  • Also check with your local government to check out the regulations for owning a wolf dog.  

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