Jill Rappaport - News Correspondent and Animal Advocate

Jill Rappaport is best known as a network news correspondent, but Jill has also become the voice for the voiceless for animals in need. As America's Animal Advocate, Jill works tirelessly to make a difference by shining a light on shelters across America.

Jill has transformed her passion into purpose- all to raise awareness and funds for rescue and adoption. Jill’s work has garnered her countless coveted honors including, three Genesis Awards from the Humane Society of the United States, The First Voice for the Animals Award from HSUS, The Presidential Service Award for Media Excellence from the ASPCA, and the Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award.

Jill is the Spokesperson for the American Pet Products Association “PETS ADD LIFE” campaign, and APPA has invited Jill to be a keynote speaker at next year's Global Pet Expo. Jill is also the spokesperson for the Long Island veterinary medical Association to encourage people to ensure the best health care for their pets!
Jill's “Best In Shelter with Jill Rappaport” primetime special debuted this year. which is a “Westminster for shelter pets and a game-changer for animals in need”.

Jill's latest rescue television project "Rappaport to the Rescue" is a recurring segment on ABC's The View, where Jill highlights dogs in shelters across America, who receive a makeover and a chance at a a family of their own.

Jill is also a partner of mine as we developed a product together for her dog Rubie. The Rubie Roadie is a bed by my company Dog Gone Smart Pet Products that was designer for Rubie, it has our patented nano-technology keeping Rubie clean and comfortable while on the road traveling to promote pet adoption.

Jill is the proud pet parent of five rescue dogs and seven horses, whom she calls her “fur angels” and lives on a farm in Watermill, New York.

Jill Rappaport's Rescued Me Collection

Jill Rappaport's Rescued Me Collection is the vision of award-winning animal advocate, news correspondent and best-selling author Jill Rappaport. Designed to benefit animals in need, this collection was born out of her love for Rescue Animals and her desire to raise awareness and much needed funding for this noble cause. A portion of all proceeds will benefit shelter animals. Every animal deserves a loving home. Please help us in our mission.

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