I'm Gismo, a Revolutionary New Way to Walk Your Dog!

Daily walks with our dogs should be one of the most enjoyable activities we do together, not the most frustrating. It is proven that walking our dogs more often and getting them more exercise diminishes their unwanted behaviors. A tired dog is a happy dog, but sometimes walking our dogs can make us feel anything but happy. The good news is help is finally here!

  • Do you want to be able to walk your dog more frequently and effortlessly?
  • Are you tired of all the fuss and aggravation that goes with it?
  • Do you grapple with tangled leashes or a dog that pulls?
  • Would you like an easier way to tote those poop bags and have a built-in flashlight for nighttime walks?
  • Do you feel like you need more hands?

Well there is finally a solution…Help in One Hand!

Picture yourself walking your dogs outside, having them tangle free on their leashes, walking them with ease with just one hand! Won’t you be the envy of everyone walking by you! Why? Because you have the cutting edge Gismo leash walking device while others continue to struggle with their old retractable leashes where dogs get tangled and humans perform awkward maneuvers to keep them straight. 

NOW, the I’m Gismo is finally available everywhere. You can easily change the function of the Starter Kit by adding one of the available connectables to it (SOLD SEPARATELY):

Starter Kit: The Starter Kit includes a leash grip holder with sliding bar, extendable carabiner to walk 1 dog, 2 universal caps, 1 waste bag dispenser with full carry clip and 1 waste bag roll. 

Canine Master Chris Onthank has spent decades working with dogs and their owners. He saw his clients struggling to take their dogs for a simple walk and came up with the concept for the I’m Gismo Dog Walking System, an innovative and patented new device to alleviate the daily pains of walking your dog!

Our dogs cherish walks and look forward to them being part of their daily routine. Going on walks with your dog is one of the best ways to bond with them and develop that special relationship that will last a lifetime. Not only is walking together fun but it also provides a great way for both you and your dog to stay fit and healthy!  

The Gismo simplifies the way you walk your dog and puts the enjoyment back into this simple pleasure! Simply a Game Changer.

As featured on the TODAY Show!