Canine Master Radio - Episode #14 LEASH WALKING How to Get your Dog to walk nicely on leash!

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  • Teaching your dog to walk properly on leash is so important, it is a lifelong skill

  • By following a few simple steps, you CAN teach your dog to walk nicely

  • It's All About the POSITION
  • When we walk our dogs BEHIND us we eliminate most of the Pains of Leash Walking

  • Listener Questions Answered (still time to ask your questions at "Ask the Canine Master" where you can post questions, videos and photos!)

Teaching Your Dog to Walk Behind You

Instead of you walking your dog, do you instead find yourself being walked by your dog?

  • The dog should take your lead, keep your pace and the leash walking should be on your terms

  • Dogs know instinctively to walk behind the leader

  • HEEL is an unnatural position for dogs to walk in 
  • With a little know-how it is EASY to teach your dog to walk nicely 

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HOW do we teach our dogs to walk behind us and what TOOLS are BEST?

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