Dogs Available for Adoption

(At Chris Onthank's Dog Gone Smart Canine Center, Norwalk, Connecticut)

At Dog Gone Smart we love dogs. We want to help them live their best lives. Dog Gone Smart's Adoption Program selectively accepts dogs to be fostered here at the Center. We are very responsible in the dogs we accept as they must be able to get along with other dogs and do well in our environment. Dogs come to us in a variety of ways from local shelter groups to individuals whose circumstances have changed causing them to no longer be able to care for their dog.

All of us at DGS are dedicated to helping these dogs and will do whatever we can to get them rehomed into a caring and loving family. Often they need some medical attention, grooming and/or training to work on whatever issues they may have that caused them to be given up by their humans. The dogs we foster benefit from our wonderful socialization and training programs which help them be better adjusted and more well suited to family life. Once we are satisfied that the dog is ready to be rehomed, we will work diligently on finding them the perfect situation.

While in our care, the dogs receive lots of enrichment and adopters are provided with valuable information on their personalities, energy levels and compatibility with other pets and people.


Billie Rae - Available for Adoption

Billie Rae is approx 35 lbs and 9 months old. She looks like a shepherd mix. She will be in the 40lb range. She is very sweet, doing well on her house training and on the leash, loves to play with her buddies. She likes playing tug of war with her pals. She looks like a shepherd/pharaoh hound mix. She is a really pretty girl with a very nice disposition. She and her brother were rescued from a high kill shelter, She will make a great addition to any family!

Winston - Available for Adoption

Winston is just a happy dog. He is approx 70 lbs and 3 yrs old - we have him on a diet as his ideal weight is 60lbs. He is a basset hound/lab mix.. a bassador.. he is just a really nice dog, great personality, loves to run and play with his buddies, follows our staff around with a wagging tail just wanting to be pet. This is a very sweet dog that loves to play with toys, loves tug of war, loves to get petted and wants to be your best friend, and loves to ride in the car - just a great dog! Come meet him today!