Canine Master Radio - Episode #5 Does Your Dog Eat Poop and Other Things?

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  • We'll explore why some dogs eat poop and what to do to prevent and fix it

  • We'll take a look at PICA, a condition where dogs eat non-food items

  • This can be more common than you think and can not only be expensive to surgically remove the item, but also dangerous

  • Learn what to do if you dog has PICA and how to fix it and keep your dog safe

  • Listener Questions Answered (still time to ask your questions at "Ask the Canine Master" where you can post questions, videos and photos!)

Coprophasia and Pica in Dogs

Coprophagia (the name given to the act of a dog eating its own feces) is unfortunately very common among canines and it is quite natural. Why do dogs do this?

  • Mothers will eat their puppies' poop in an effort to keep the den clean which is a natural instinct for dogs.
  • Other reasons dogs eat poop: tastes good, dietary deficiency, boredom, viewed as a scarce resource because owners always picking it up 
  • What doesn't work to fix this: adding food additives, rubbing dog's nose in poop, electric shock collars.
  • What does work? First make sure you rule out any medical condtion that could be causing this. Don't let your dog see you picking up after him. Then there are dietary changes you can make. 

Pica disorder is the consumption of nonfood items such as balls, rocks, socks, underwwear, and other items regarded as scarce resources. This can lead to expensive surgery for intestinal blockages and can be life threatening to your dog.

  • Occasionally, eating nonfood items develops into compulsive behavior, resulting in a dog who’s highly motivated to find and consume specific objects. 
  • Dogs will start to eat things to own them!
  • There are various techniques I use to prevent and fix this disorder such as teaching a drop it or leave it command, never taking something out of a dog's mouth, never using hard corrections and redirecting the dog to something else if it has something in its mouth.

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(This is a wonderful site with everything you need to know about Coprophagia)
Vernon Lee has been a trainer and behaviorist for over 30 years.
He has spent years researching coprophagia and protocols for its treatment.