Canine Master Radio - Episode #4 Separation Anxiety - How to Fix the Cause and Not the Symptoms

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  • Separation Anxiety is a Very Popular Topic - Many Write About This But Few Have Good Answers

  • Common Techniques Used Are Totally Impractical and Rarely Work

  • Learn How to Fix the Cause of this Very Serious Issue and Not Just the Symptoms

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Separation Anxiety

When treating a dog for Separation Anxiety, you will need to first understand where the anxiety is coming from and then fix the cause and not the symptoms

What is Separation Anxiety and what signs does your dog exhibit when suffering from this?

Many behaviorists use techniques such as desensitizing your dog or treating them with medications to ease the anxiety - while these techniques may help, they are just band-aids and don't go to the root of the problem.

Separation Anxiety is caused by the relationship between you and your dog. Become a good leader to your dog where you are in charge and your dog will become calmer and much less anxious when you leave.

Create a secure and den-like space for your dog while you are away.

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