Canine Master Radio Episode #1 with Jill Rappaport

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  • Premiere Show introducing Canine Master Chris Onthank

  • Importance of Early Socialization for Dogs

  • Animal Advocate Jill Rappaport Joins Chris to Promote and Encourage Pet Adoption! Jill will fill us in on all the buzz as our Celebrity Rescue Correspondent! Make sure to tune into "The View" on Friday July 17th to see Jill's wonderful rescue segment "Rappaport to the Rescue" finding loving families for wonderful shelter dogs who all receive makeovers!

  • Listener Questions Answered (still time to ask your questions at "Ask the Canine Master" where you can post questions, videos and photos!)

Importance of Socialization

Socialization can make or break a dog and determines what kind of adult it will become.

  • Approximately 4,000 dogs a day are euthanized in this country—many due to the lack of proper socialization. 
  • A well-socialized dog is great with all people and other dogs and with proper training, can go with you anywhere.
  • Learn what socialization is and how you can take advantage of this very important stage in your dog's life.

Jill Rappaport

Jill Rappaport is best known as a correspondent on NBC’s TODAY Show and Nightly News. Jill has also become the face of rescue and the voice for the voiceless for animals in need. She works tirelessly to make a difference by shining a light on shelters across America. Her work has garnered her countless coveted awards and she has transformed her passion into purpose in raising both awareness and funds for rescue and adoption. Jill's “Best In Shelter with Jill Rappaport” primetime special debuted in 2015, which is a “Westminster for shelter pets and a game-changer for animals in need”. Jill is the proud pet parent of five rescue dogs and seven horses, whom she calls her “fur angels”.

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Barking, Barking, Barking!!!
Do you have a dog whose barking drives you crazy? Chris has a bag of tricks to help with this annoying habit. Submit your questions now!

Featured Product

The Rubie Roadie Cuddler Bed
Jill Rappaport's Rescued Me Collection is the vision of award-winning animal advocate, news correspondent and best-selling author Jill Rappaport. Designed to benefit animals in need, this collection was born out of her love for Rescue Animals. The Rubie Roadie Cuddler Bed was developed by Canine Master Chris Onthank and Dog Gone Smart Pet Products for Jill's rescue dachshund "Rubie" who accompanies her on the road promoting pet adoption. Part of the proceeds will go to helping animals in need.