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What's Canine Master, you ask? Think passionate and professional canine coaching from an expert animal behaviorist who has been helping dogs and their humans for over 25 years. Think playful and positive techniques to teach your dog how to behave the way YOU want. With Canine Master you now have access to all of the expertise and know how to live the best life with your dog! From the Relationship Come the Results!  Wait...there's more! Now throw in the best selection of expertly designed and crafted pet products at your fingertips that will improve the quality of life with your dog. Products that keep your home healthy and clean, and your dogs cozy and stylish. Products that have been tested and really work! Where Fido Fashion and Function collide!

*Warning: You may get the relationship with your dog you have always wanted!


Canine Master Chris Onthank is a widely known expert in canine behavior. His mission is to inform, educate, entertain & encourage all dog owners to live their best lives together. Chris is a frequent contributor on the media circuit as an animal behaviorist and pet industry expert. His passion for pets is shared on his blog which is a popular resource for all things dogs: news, trends, info, tips, stories, photos and videos. His articles provide in-depth coverage of dog-related topics including training, health, innovative pet products and general information on how to keep dogs happy, healthy and safe. 


Chris has had a life-long involvement  with animals. For over fifty years his family has been breeding and training dogs in Greenwich, CT.

He honed his skills learning animal instinct and training through raising a variety of species. He studied positive motivational techniques working with marine mammals and parrots.

For the past twenty five years Chris’ focus has been on dogs. He has trained and put dogs through obedience and titled numerous dogs in the conformation show ring and Schutzhund which tests the abilities of police dogs.

Chris is an aggression specialist as well as the Head Behavioralist at many rescue organizations. His personal daily practice often involves helping dogs with special issues i.e. aggression, separation anxiety, fear, disabilities and training obstacles. He is often the last hope for many dogs. His outgoing personality and fun approach to learning have made him one of the most popular trainers in the country. His clients (both human and canine) are highly motivated to work and thoroughly enjoy their learning experience.


Chris is the founder and owner of Dog Gone Smart Canine Center in Norwalk, Connecticut. He has been working with animals for over 25 years and his unique training theory is a  2-pronged approach combining positive motivational learning and instinct. He is a noted expert in canine behavior who works with both dogs and their humans. Chris developed The Dog Gone Smart Training Philosophy and Technique to give pet owners the results  and the relationship they want with their dog both through instructional group classes and private  lessons. His positive and structured training method creates a harmonious household and has made him  a top trainer to many celebrities and their pets. Chris is often the lead animal handler for TV, film, commercial and magazine shoots. He has worked with everyone from William Wegman to Kathie Lee Gifford. Chris has appeared on Fox News, the TODAY Show, Martha Stewart and numerous radio talk shows. He is frequently referred to as the “Dog Trainer to the Stars!”

Chris is also founder and CEO of Dog Gone Smart Pet Products, home of the Dirty Dog Doormat ™, Repelz-It™ Nanotechnology, and a global marketer of proprietary and innovative pet products.

Professional Associations

Chris is a member of the following organizations:

  • The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

  • The United Doberman Club

  • The Doberman Pincher Club of America

  • The American Working Dog Federation


Home to the Dog Gone Smart Pet Products.  We carry all available styles, colors and sizes including the very popular Dirty Dog Doormats and Dog Beds.

Master Pets is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative pet products in today’s market – products that have been tested and REALLY work! 

All of the products have been chosen and/or designed by Canine Master Chris Onthank,  a well-known expert in canine behavior who founded Nano Pet Products, a global marketer of innovative canine, feline and equine products using Repelz It™ Nanotechnology.   Having worked with animals his whole life, Chris knows what pets and their owners like and what products work best to keep them healthy, happy and safe.  He also understands how staying clean and odor control are major concerns to every pet owner.  

All of our products are non-toxic, pet-safe and environmentally friendly. 


Dog Gone Smart uses Repelz It™ Nanoprotection to keep pet beds and apparel looking and smelling clean, even after years of use!  Repelz It™ uses both nanotechnology and a state-of-the art bacteriostatic to keep stains, dirt and pet odors from clinging to the fabric.  Repelz It™ Nanoprotection is pet-safe and APA approved.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Repelz It™ Nanoprotection pet safe?

Repelz It™ Nanoprotection is PFOA and PFOS free. PFOA and PFOS are known carcinogens found in other stay- clean fabric finishes.

Are Repelz It™ products waterproof?

Repelz It™ products are only water- resistant, not waterproof. Repelz It™ Nanoprotection resists most “doggie” messes, those of which can be easily rinsed off with water. Dirt, stains and pet odors don’t adhere to the surface of Repelz It™ fabrics, keeping them looking and smelling cleaner, longer.

How do Repelz It™ fabrics help with odor control?

Dirt and other tough messes resist sticking to the fabric, which keeps Repelz It™ pet products smelling clean. Frequently, pet odor is caused by oil from the dog’s coat getting on the fabric, then bacteria attacks it. Repelz It™ Nanoprotection fabrics have a very high oil repellency and resists “sticky” messes. Our bacteriostatic reduces the growth and spread of odor causing bacteria, which is one of the leading causes of pet odors.

Can I wash Repelz It™ pet products?

Dog Gone Smart fabrics using Repelz It™ can be machine washed and dried. Because these fabrics don’t get as dirty and smelly as regular fabrics, you
 don’t have to wash these pet products as often. Use a small amount of regular detergent and be sure not to use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as these will ruin the Repelz It™ finish. Our bed liners and fill cannot be washed,
 but should be shaken out and aired.

How long does Repelz It™ finish remain functional?

Repelz It™ Technology is impregnated into the fabric, meaning it won’t come off or wear away with use. Repelz It™ Nanoprotection can remain functional up to 50 washing cycles. Fabrics with Repelz It™ retain their soft, natural feel and are 100% breathable. 

Repelz It™ guarantee?

Dog Gone Smart Products using Repelz It™ Technology are 100% guaranteed to be easier to keep cleaner than any other similar pet product you’ve owned in the past.