Canine Master Radio - Episode #18 Mouthing and Chewing 101

Ouch! Survival Guide to Help with Your Puppy's Mouthing and Chewing

This show will cover all you need to know to understand and learn how to manage your dog’s mouthing and chewing.  What's normal, what isn't, and how to stop it!

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  • We talk all about how to manage our dog’s mouthing and chewing
  • Why do puppies Mouth Us? Teething, Explore the World through Their Mouth, it is completely NORMAL!
  • Puppy Imprint Period and Bite Inhibition, Teaching your puppy the Power of its own mouth.
  • The Role Socialization Plays in Teaching a Soft Mouth
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Correcting Painful Puppy Mouthing: the importance of Verbal Feedback and Redirection, and Appropriate Play
  • How to address the Adolescent Dog's "Shredding Syndrome"
  • How to know if it is Typical Mouthing or Something More Serious
  • Listener Questions Answered (ask your questions at "Ask the Canine Master" where you can post questions, videos and photos!)

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    Set yourself up with the right TOOLS and TOYS!  

    Suggested Products for Different Chewing Stages


    • Perfect for stuffing with treats
    • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
    • Safte and Durable


      • Durable cotton rope cleans teeth
      • Reinforced fabric and stitching
      • Perfect tug and toss toy



      • Made of X-tra tough nylon and designed to stand up to the most POWERFUL CHEWER!


      • No Rawhide
      • Easy to Digest
      • Keeps Active Mouths Busy!

      Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball

      • Entices play with fun sounds and high bounce.
      • You Will Need 2 to Play the Interactive Game Chris explains in this podcast