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Tips For Keeping Your Kitty Litter Tidy

We all love our furry little friends, but most of us could do without their messes. Luckily for cat owners, as far as cleanliness goes, cats rank pretty high up on the list. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re completely tidy. Many a cat owner has thrown their hands up in exasperation at the discovery of kitty litter (at best) where it shouldn’t be. There are steps you can take to ensure that your cat’s kitty litter (and everything else) stays where it should be: in the litter box.

Be Vigilant

The first step towards a tidy litter box is to make sure you are cleaning it daily. It doesn’t take long for bad smells to build up, so don’t count on your kitty litter to mask anything. Not only will this remove any bad smells from your kitty litter box, but cats prefer a clean box, so it helps ensure that they will use it in the first place.

Buy A Kitty Litter Mat

Oftentimes, your cat can get a little aggressive with their digging around the litter box, which often results in granules being thrown and tracked across the house. One of the best ways to avoid this is with a cat litter mat, like you can find here at Canine Master. Our kitty litter mat is not only great at holding onto granules with its sponge-like properties, but it’s machine washable for easy cleaning too!

Choose The Right Litter Box

There is a fine line that you’re trying to skirt when you buy a cat litter box. Obviously, since you want the cat to use it, the walls need to be low enough that your cat can comfortably walk over them. However, they also shouldn’t be so low that litter gets flown out every time your cat tries to bury their droppings. A happy medium will usually suffice.

Regular Cleanings

It’s not enough to just clean out the litter every day, your litter box needs regular, deep cleanings as well to keep any smells from building up. The best way to thoroughly clean your litter box is to wash it down with warm water, then rinse with vinegar and dry off. The vinegar neutralizes bad odors days after you’re done cleaning.

Baking Soda

On top of your regular cleanings, if you want to add a little shelf life between cleanings, you can put a small layer of baking soda under the kitty litter. Other smells, especially chemical air fresheners, are unpleasant for cats, and can make them avoid the litter box if you overuse them. However, baking soda neutralizes the smell without being abrasive to your furry friend. Hopefully these tips prove helpful. If you’ve got pets, you should check out some of our quality products here at Canine Master. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our products or training services.

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