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Exciting Things at the Dibevo Trade Show in Holland— Products Reemerging From Years Ago and New Products That Will Change the Future of How We Walk Dogs!


Dibevo 2013 Pet Trade Fair in Holland

I recently returned from the Dibevo Pet Trade Fair in Holland.  The show seemed a bit smaller and slower than last year.  Big dog and cat food companies like Eukanuba and Royal Canin, did not exhibit this year.  The economy seems to have taken its toll on the pet trade in Holland, which is no surprise.  Dog Gone Smart introduced some new products, including the new Dirty Dog Doormat Runner. It was great to see such a positive response and I sold a bunch to the stores.

Baby turtles for sale

Baby turtles for sale

I saw some cool baby painted turtles at the fair.  Since the 1980’s, due to the Salmonella scare, baby turtles have been mostly outlawed to be sold in American pet shops.  The worry was that the baby turtles were so small that children would put them in their mouths and get sick. A few states like Florida still allow their sale, but I always questioned this ban that was implemented in most other states.  Over my childhood, I had many baby red-slider turtles and so did many of my friends. I never knew anyone who got sick from having these turtles, but then again I never knew anyone to put them in their mouths (except possibly my older brother… that’s a story I’ll save for another day). Anyway, do you remember the plastic turtle ponds with the island and the plastic palm trees on them?  I loved those!  Seeing these turtles again brought back such childhood memories.

turtle acquarium

Aquarium to house the baby turtles. Look familiar to anyone?

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 10.25.10 PM

New Flexi Vario Retractable Leash

The coolest new product I saw by far was the introduction on the new Flexi Vario leash. Finally Flexi has gotten back to innovation and again designed the best retractable leash in the world. They have been loosing a lot of market share over the years because of all the copies. The Vario is a game changer! The new options include an adjustable grip for people with different sized hands, a flash light on the front and a blinking red light that faces to the rear when you are walking. You have a space to store poop bags, the ability to put different types of leashes on the end of the retractable and many other components.  I have not always been a big fan of retractable leashes over the years.  They can cause injury to both people and dogs and most people have a hard time managing them. However, the new Flexi has really made me reconsider my opinion.  I will need to test it on a dog to be sure, but I am seriously impressed with Vario’s new technological advancements and the German engineering that has gone into making it.  The new Vario launches in Europe next month and should be in the U.S. market early next year.

Now off to Barcelona to exhibit at the Iberzoo show for our first time.  Spain….. Now this is also going to be interesting, considering its slow economy.  Seems I’m a glutton for punishment.  Regardless of the economic situation, don’t you think Spanish dogs and their owners deserve great new products too?

One thing for sure, I love Barcelona……tapas  and salsa dancing here I come!

Ciao for now! 

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