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Doggie Day Care is Big Business in Colombia

As I was driving down the road in Bogota Columbia I saw a school bus for dogs right in front of us.  The bus was full of dogs going to doggie day care.  I was quite impressed, as this “school bus” idea for dogs is relatively new (last 8-10 yrs) in the U.S.

So we set out and decided to follow the bus to their canine facility.  As we drove up to the gate, a nice woman greeted us and offered us a tour. The business provided everything from boarding to training, agility, and grooming. They even had physical therapy and an outdoor pool.  The dogs had beautiful green grass on which to play.  There seemed to be many Border Collies here as the instructors were very much into agility.

When walking the property I was amazed by the extent of the operation.  The place was clean and well kept and the dogs seemed very happy.  Daycare costs about $15.00 for the day. Drop off and pick up service was available for about $5.00 more. The prices were a bit cheaper from U.S standards, but not by much.

After spending a chunk of the afternoon here, I finally left after watching the dogs load up into the bus to be delivered home.  While driving back to my hotel we saw another school bus for dogs. My driver told me that dog facilities like the one we visited were everywhere.

Day Care Bus in Colombia 1

Doggie Day Care Bus in Colombia



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