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My Thoughts About the CIPS Show and the Responsibilities of Manufacturing in China

This was my first time at the CIPS show in Beijing China. This show is quite large and is rivaling the Interzoo show in Germany in terms of size and importance for the pet industry. As I reflect upon last weekend, many differences stand out between shows I have been to in other parts of the world. At other Industry shows, dogs are everywhere.  Attendees bring their dogs on leashes and in strollers and many exhibitors have them in their booths. Some people even dress up their dogs in outfits, dye their fur in decorative patterns and paint their nails in bright colors.  It seems that most people in other parts of the world are in the pet industry because they have intimate relationships with their dogs.  They understand dogs, their behaviors and how they think.  They treat them as important parts of their family. At this show I only saw one dog inside the entire time.

While dog ownership in China is dramatically on the rise, it is still very low compared to other countries.  Few manufacturers at this show have had the opportunity to own their own dog as a pet.  They have never walked a dog on a leash or seen them play or interact with toys. They don’t understand what kind of food and treats they like to eat or which dog beds they like to sleep in.  And most of all, they have never loved a dog!  In many restaurants dog meat is on the menu with some restaurants specializing in just serving dog. Because they have never had the opportunity to know, understand and love dogs, many of the pet product manufacturers at the show see this industry purely as a money-making venture to produce products for other companies around the world.

After my visit to this Chinese pet show, I came away with the view that China has a lot of potential in the pet product manufacturing business.  However, if you are going to manufacture products in countries like China, then it is your responsibility as a manufacturer to guide and supervise the manufacturing to make sure that the designs and quality are truly what is best for our dogs.  It is your responsibility to make sure that products produced are worthy of “man’s best friend”!

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