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Arrived in China Leaving Sandy Behind

Arriving in China!

Yesterday I boarded the plane in Chicago for Beijing China for my Asian adventure. I had left the day before from New York to miss the cancelled flights of Hurricane Sandy. Worried to leave my family in the wake of this terrible storm, I knew that if I did not leave then, I would miss the CIPS Pet manufacturing show.  This show is very important for arranging much of my buying and manufacturing of pet products for 2013. I knew if I had missed this important show I would be in trouble. As I boarded the plane, I was on the phone with my wife when we heard a tree fall.   Shortly after she lost power and the winds got very bad in Connecticut. How could I leave my family?  What was I thinking?  For 13 hours I tortured myself with guilt. When the plane landed I immediately picked up my cell phone to call home.  Everyone was safe and Ok…. Phew!  A tree had landed on the house, but the damage was minimal. Numerous trees and fencing had fallen on the property.  Unfortunately, all my beehives had been totally knocked over by the wind and destroyed.  The hives weighed close to 250 lbs. each and were packed with honey and bees. It astonishes me that the wind was that strong! Remarkably, all 5 of the bird aviaries were still intact.  The rest of the animals on my small farm had survived.  It’s amazing how ducks, geese and swans can survive outside in such weather. The power is still off and probably will be for days. The small generator at the house will at least keep my family warm and the refrigerator cold. So now it seems I can start this trip to China and then on to India with less worries. Gosh, it’s cold here in Beijing… off to try and buy some warmer clothes!


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