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The Importance of a Pack to Your Dog

A Pack of Wolves

Dogs and humans are from two different species.  Humans evolved from the ape while dogs evolved from wild canines.  Other members of the canine family include wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes, wild African dogs and dingoes.   Like their wild ancestors, dogs have similar instincts and drives.  A domesticated dog views you and your family through a canine perspective –  you’re just another member of the pack!  There are many reasons dogs prefer to be in packs.  Mostly it’s to gain security as packs create structure and a social order for them.

Packs are made up of the alfpha male who is the confident but benevolent leader.  The alpha dog is supported by the structure of the pack but is always being tested by his underlings to make sure “he’s got things covered”.  There is also an alpha female.  The rest of the pack consists of beta dogs who are basically alpha “wannabees”.  These dogs are not cut out to be the leader as they don’t have the required confidence and are often fearful.    These beta dogs are the ones who need the most structure and cause the most fights.  The rest of the pack consists of the omega dogs which are the ones who are always picked on and beaten up by everyone else.

By understanding a dog’s natural instinct to be part of a pack, you can tailor your training to take advantage of this.

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