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Dog Gone Smart’s Advanced Technologies Keep Pets Clean and Odor Free

Isn't technology beautiful?

logoPets can be a one of the biggest contributors to smell, dirt and allergens in the home. When it comes to odor, the biggest contributor is the oil in the animal’s coat or fur that gets on fabrics and then bacteria attacks it. Another disgusting but true fact is that dogs will also release their anal glands on rugs and furniture as a way of marking or when they have irritation. Of course, an indoor cat that eliminates inside the cat litter pan will not only create odor, but may also track the litter through the house upon exiting the pan. If not cleaned up properly, pet mistakes will leave an odor of urine and feces in carpets, tile floors as well as dog beds and furniture. Dogs and cats will also track dirt, water and mud from outside and into the house. Shedding is always an issue when it comes to a clean home—hence we are now seeing the popularity of hypoallergenic dogs and dogs that do not shed. Many of these are the new popular designer breeds we are seeing in the pet segment.

Repelz It FINAL LogoDog Gone Smart is one of the industry leaders in seeking out the most advanced technologies to solve many of the common pet problems we face today. Our chief concern is to help homeowners maintain a clean and odor-free environment. Our fabrics are finished with an invisible technology called Repelz-it™. Repelz-it™ Nanoprotection helps prevent liquids, dirt and coat oil from sticking to our fabrics. Repelz-it™ also uses a state-of-the-art bacteriostatic that inhibits the spread of odor-causing bacteria. So, when you use one of Dog Gone Smart’s beds, mats or jackets for your dog, the product, as well as your house, is more likely to stay clean and odor free for years.

Untitled-1Using an advanced microfiber wicking technology, Dog Gone Smart’s Dirty Dog Doormats™ absorb the dirt, water and mud off your dog’s paws as they come from outside into the house. Not only do these mats look attractive, but also we are seeing people use them as bathroom mats as well as resting places for their pets.

Dog Gone Smart recently introduced the Cat Litter Mat that uses the same advanced microfiber technology as the Dirty Dog Doormat™. The mat acts like a magnet, trapping the cat litter off the cat’s paws and into the microfibers. Now Cat litter messes throughout the house are a thing of the past.

Dog Gone Smart is always improving on their technology and trying to stay on the forefront of new technologies. We are continually developing new products to help with cleanliness and odor control. Our Repelz-it™ technology is not only safe to the environment, but also to the end user. There is no other fabric finish repellent technology in the pet industry that is both PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perflourooctane sulphonate) free. These are the carcinogens found in other “stay clean” fabric finishes.

In March 2014 Dog Gone Smart plans to introduce several new innovative products to help keep pets clean and odor free.  More information of all of these products is available at Master Pets.

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