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Using Wee Wee Pads Can Increase the Chances of Your Dog Eating Its Own Fece


Dog using Wee Wee pad inside house

Dogs have a den instinct and will usually not poop in their den. When a female dog has a litter of pups, the mother will usually lick the puppies’ anuses and eat the puppies’ poops in an effort to keep the den area and puppies clean. While this is normal during the whelping period, the female will generally not continue this practice after the puppies are weaned and can move about. Coprophagia (the name given to the act of a dog eating its poop) is unfortunately very common among canines and it is quite natural.

There are many theories as to why dogs do this ranging from poor health issues, to starvation, to it just tastes good. However, one reason that I continually see is when people use wee wee pads in their homes. When you place a Wee Wee pad in your home, you are actually encouraging your dog to go against his natural instincts to keep his den clean. Unfortunately many dogs will poop on the Wee Wee pad and then turn around and eat it in an effort to keep the den clean. So generally I am against using these kinds of pads in the house. I know that many of you use the pads and I am sure many of you also have poop eaters! So if you are thinking of using a Wee Wee pad for your new dog, think again. If you are up in a high rise and are kind of forced to use this type of pad, try putting the Wee Wee pad in an out of the way room that you rarely use. This way the dog will see the defecation area outside his den which should encourage him not to eat it.


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